Friday, January 31, 2014

Tiari Moore - Just You And I Available On

Hello everyone,

I've been missing in action for a little while but I do post regularly on twitter
and youtube. I've been working on a new song it's feels very different from the music I normally do. The song has been recorded but now I'm just trying to do my own personal master of the song (as best as I can anyway lol). I'm going to post the song very soon it will be posted here on the blog as well as soundcloud, soundclick and on youtube. Thank you to everyone for the views, likes and favorites that I've been getting on youtube and soundcloud. Seeing the likes and favorites always put a smile on my face.

As you know I'm a independent artist just trying to find my way and there has been ups and downs and I'm so thankful for all the support as mentioned above. I've been trying to post better quality songs and videos over the past year and so far so good.

The song on my youtube channel that people seem to like the most is called  "Just You & I" and I wanted to let everyone know that I've put it on sale for only 89 cents. If you are a lover of the song, or a supporter of me, or supporter of independent artists please support by downloading it.

The more downloads I get the more I can put the funds towards making more music for all you. Music is all I've dreamed about since before I could talk lol. I definitely can't wait to post what I have been working on for all of you and hope that I can continue to deliver quality music. xoxo 

Available On Amazon

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tiari Moore - (Are You) Ready To Go

New Version of the song it is available for download

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chances (Paths_Of_Life) (2/20/07)

Something that I wrote in 2007. I saw it and thought it might mean something to someone.

"Sometimes in life we are given chances.Chances that sometimes we take for granted.
We don't mean to it's just that we don't want to rush into anything. But you don't want to move to slow,otherwise this chance could be taken away from you.

So you find your own pace to move in thinking that this will lead you in the right direction, but what would you do if all of a sudden that chance was taken away from you without warning. It leaves you with this high awareness of what you could have had and you wish that you had reacted to your chance sooner.

I've now discovered that if you want something you should just go for it, because the chance to have it could be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. I also have discovered that everything in life is destined to happen, so that we can learn and grow and if we keep on looking ahead those chances might come right back around to you.

Take the chance, so you don't end up sitting around wondering what could
have been......................................................"

Tiari Moore Copywrite